Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Week 2 - February


Concluded my work week thank God & good job me :-)

Restday ko na yey 

Changed Restday due to a need for weekend support. It was a blessings in disguise though I was so tired and wanted just to lie down, relax and relax...

Hindi na sya Thank God it's Friday...It's Thursday na!!. Ended the shift na grabe ang headache and gutom...early cheatday dedma..headed straight to starbucks to buy sandwich then home.

***Friday - Our weekly bonding ni hubby. We are both busy in our own job and responsibility pero hindi dapat na co-compromise and quality time together. 
***Saturday - New schedule & I more like it..weekend shift is a relax mode. Obvious sa picture ko below...freshness from restday hehe. Taking this time to organize and tried to fill in the backlog before the weekdays na for sure stressful. Taking time to have a selfie ni Kath (mawawal ba ito) brought my shutter monopod in preparation for our team video presentation for February Fish activity.

hello pink nail polish

Hi Rico & Lands
Papahuli ba kami :-)

**Sunday - This is the greatest challenge for I need to go to church after shift . Need to fight the antok and focus sa church. Thank you Lord for this blessed sunday. 1st sunday of the month.

borlog sa bus
at home while waiting for bunso & Hubby

word of God

***Monday - another early out for the Anointing of Oil service. It was a privilege to received the holy anointing..extra power, blessings , deliverence & healing

we are anointed
beautiful & blessed

anointed people

*** Hello Twitter and ang wagi sa best RT's and mentioned ko for the week...ang bagoong isda at saging haha.

Winner sa RT's and mentioned

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Hello February! - week 1

A victorious 1st week of February

Friday is restday

*** Blessings of the Lord has come and end of my crazy work week plus cheat day = celebration hehe.. Thanks Kath for sharing the calories with me

seriously I had headache..ikain ito!
Bonding coffee redeemed the SB voucher for Jan

***Saturday - Love to wake up like this...I had a decent sleep finally thank you Lord! Nanay mode the whole day plus time to relax then tulog early..something that I terribly miss during work day.

freshness..woke up like this!
ituloy ang cheat day

***Sunday - Date with my Master..Church time. I'm proud and blessed to see my 2 boys serving our God. My eldest in song lead while my 2nd son in guitar.
2nd Sunday Service - JIL Bagong Silang Kanan
Warriors in Christ - my 2 boys
Word of God
***At night..Back to work selfie. It was light, relaxing a good day to start. Thank Daddy Ernie for your birthday treat Pansit!! & Kath for coffee it was just a right timing after the ig out haha..

Hello Work!
Coffee to get me going 

***Monday -we anticipate that this will be a manic monday..Oh well yes it was :-) Meeting galore and trying to manage the entire team with a smile despite not feeling well. Account Supervisor post this the "tamang panahon" for me? I have prayed for the promotion and if this is the will of the Lord then let it be. Will think of this the whole day.

***Tuesday - This is it..been praying for God's guidance and answer to my prayer then I saw this quote in twitter . I felt the desire to try out...Submitted my resume then let the will of the Lord be done. I entrust to you everything Lord :-)

"Keep pressing forward; keep trying new things . Stretch yourself and find joy and fulfillment He designed for you!" - Victoria Osteen @VictoriaOsteen

hindi namang halatang pagora na :-(

***Wednesday - This is my last shift...Restday changed for weeekend support. This will be major adjustment but that's ok call of work..responsibility at stake. Seriously it was a tiring, brain & energy draining . I survived the whole shift..thank you Lord for everything. Without you I can't do this. I finished my interview, it went well. No regrets that I was all fun moment with my boss. Whatever happened I trust God's plans for my life I know that it will be Amazing!!

Hooray for the 4 days of work :-)

End of shift be like...

Gandang pagod haha
borlog & gutom

Playlist - 

Top 50 Praise & Worship Songs 2015 Non Stop 3hours | Hillsong Playlist 2015

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Victorious Week 4

Concluded week 4 Thank you Lord!

It's not a good week for me at work...very weak (the monthly girl thing) plus I guess because of  starting to cut off carbo..oh yes so called "diet" haha.. I wasn't that productive to the point dragging myself to work..not good I know & I learned a lot for this week from taking my vitamins right & proper sleep.

Friday - And as always..Thank God it's rest day! headed home from work and got my order..Shutter selfie stick..Yey ready for out of town and some selfie whenever..wherever. Check the deal here:

Trying out

Sunday - My date with God...Church time 2nd sunday service at JIL Bagong Silang Kanan 

sieht my other date - hubby
Word of God

*** Then back to work at night. medyo ok pa ako dyan back from restday and the rest of the week was history of sabaw, zombie, hilo, pagod etc..

showing off my  yellow green nail polish
hello work!

*** Monday - Thursday was obviously a not so good days for me. Super weak, sleepy, dizzy name it!! Super tired , stressed out anobey ano ba meron sa week na ito!! Regardsless I survived thank God :-)

Yup it shows bad trip 

and pissed off..nagpipigil haha..

***Being a Team Manager is a very challenging job..I should smile and be energetic despite what I feel . I should leave everything behind just to focus with my team. I owe a lot from you God..without you I wouldn't be able to do this..Thanks for molding me to become a good one. Concluded my week 4 victoriously Glory to you my Lord :-)


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Victorious Week 3 (January)

Thank God it's Friday coz  It's my restday. As always, I want to thank the Lord for His protection and love everyday. Glory to you my Lord :-)

*** Friday - miss my bunso my twin. Whenever I get home she's in school and very rare that we can chat since I need to sleep to be ready for my next shift that night. My routine every work week. After watching Eatbulaga usually I will take a nap then hoping I can still be awake that night but most of the time I'll be awake the next day and I wasted my friday off already :-(
       This time I tried my very best to be awake as in awake to surprise my bunso. Pick her up in school then my merienda treat to her. A Simple bonding means a lot to me.

Thanks hubby for being nanay to her as well

Happy merienda :-)

 ***Friday night - My husband & I make sure to have a quality time together. A simple chat while watching TV or movie. A little drink sometimes then with a good chat. Ganun lang ka simple but so much love. He requested to have bonding on friday night since we need to be awake early sunday for church. I took a quick nap and he tries to wake me up as in many times haha..How can I resist this sweet guy.

***Sunday - Church time then it's my back to work. Weekend shift for us ni Kath is petiks time relax mode ito but turned out to be the busy one..We wrap up everything dahil parating na si boss haha.

partners in crime

Work Mode na tayo Kath
***Monday - Welcome Boss Hera..Meeting galore the whole shift plus pigging out . Team had pot luck then it's a coffee treat for boss Tenchu!!! Borlog and Burp day for us. Thanks for the pasalubong love it!!
Hello Heels

Pasalubong thanks much
Choco purple

 > Wenna's last day our last PEP..Thank you for being my top performer..You'll be miss and we pray for the safe delivery. God bless!

***Tuesday - We decided to start with the diet with the HT #BalikalindogShiela&Kath2016. Goodluck to us haha...

> at before mangyari ang patayng diet...isang malupit na calorie & carbo loaded na lunch last na to promise ha hehehe...

 ***Wed - start my diet foods..I'll change this next week para naman may variety nakakahilo haha..kaya ko to!!

*** This is to conlude my work week. Victorious & Productive me yehey!! Thank you Lord for everything. Happy Yeye :-)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ganap for week 2

Week 2

***We made sure ni hubby na we always have quality time kahit simpleng kwentuhan, drink a bit just to be together walang work walang istorbo. That's one of the key to our 20 years as husband and wife. At dahil restday Saturday bonding :-)

***Sunday will always be for GOD syempre. Thank you Lord!

***Back to work syempre habang fresh pa picture naman :-)

***When you need companionship to keep me going sa graveyard shift...thanks for the chocolate, laughter, caffeine :-)

***And when I need a break ..put on dark lipstick , breath in & out then emote sa camera..Ok na ako...back to work.

***When I'm being productive & cool...selfie tayo dyan :-)

*** One of our agenda ni Kath..Buiding a new team...Decision part was the hardest seriously. But we made it!! Good job to us Kath!

***Hello to new batch of starstruck haha..Soon ang official announcement. Proud of you guys!

Concluded my Week 2. As always..tiring yet so much fun and very fulfilling. Glory to you Lord I won't be able to survived without your help.